• 0 thousand square meters
  • 0 banquet seatings
  • 9.0 low population density

The building’s façade uses the world renowned French Imerys Tile, which is said to be the “best in the world, the king of terracotta”. It is meticulously crafted with the exquisite Mansard Sloped Roof; the intricate Dormer Windows; and Dry-Hang Exterior Wall, to bring back the romance and elegance of French architecture, which exudes class, tranquility and grandeur of the French aristocrats and Court.

French Stone Façade
World Class Mansion Design

The community garden is designed by Melbourne's master luxury landscape designer. Using the "Garden in a Garden" double garden planning, the outer park was designed to be a children's park, which includes leisure area, tennis courts, and golf courses and so on. The inner garden adopts a triaxial landscape pattern of "one axis, three belts; three pieces three districts", which skillfully integrates the three natural gardens – Bordeaux Garden, Provence Garden and Monet Garden to create a seasonal garden landscape, adding vibrancy and interest to life there.

Garden in a Garden
Beauty in both yards

Glorious International engaged Eton Services, a French enterprise, as senior property consultant for the premises to uphold the services to the standards for the French Aristocrats’, to redefine the standards of family life.

Global Service Standard
24H Royal Courtesy

The community has set up about 2600 square meters clubhouse and sunken private banquet pan-club, providing the owners with constant temperature swimming pool, fitness space, entertainment and social recreation place, wonderful life in this collision.

Indulging in the luxurious

Drive home in style

Shanghai's coolest underground garage

  • Exquisite design
    Exquisitely designed and decorated with amenities and layout that exceeds the standards of 4S car retailers and racing track holding areas.
  • Health
    The waterproofing technology exceeds national standards, and has no wet stains on the surface. The ventilation system ensures that fresh air is constantly circulating in the room, as air is changed 6 times per hour.
  • Security
    A full enclosed parking system that separates residents from motorist ensures the safety of all residents and reduction of noise pollution. Every unit has approximately two private parking lots.