Glorious International developed from a small company with only a few people to a comprehensive group company with five major business sectors. Its success benefits from the company’s business philosophy of pursuing perfection and top quality when carrying out both big and small projects. The company’s elaboration, “Glorious Jinghua”, “Glorious Jingdian 1733” Villa Project, its two major brand hotels and “Xihongqiao Tonglian Industrial Park” all embody the pursuit of ingenuity and have won popular acclaim and public praise.

In addition to the pursuit of quality, the company has been adhering to the development concept of “regional operator for urban life service”, advocating integrated service capability, eco-city concept and comprehensive and coordinated development. The company’s five major sectors – properties, hotels, industrial parks, investment and sports culture of racing cars – cover all aspects of life, creating life supporting services throughout the life cycle to meet people’s growing pursuit of quality life. “Creating livable space for customers is only the first step. Our goal is to provide all-round services to customers who pursue quality life.” While satisfying customers needs, we should be good at discovering and creating customers needs. Through resource integration and configuration optimization, we can provide the public with high-quality services and new lifestyles in the filed of residential buildings, offices, commerce, culture and sports.

At the same time, another major segment of the company, —Xtreme Motorsports, is also making great efforts to move forward in the field of national automobile culture operation services. As the first Lamborghini dealer in China, the company had an indissoluble bond with automobiles as early as 2005. After more than 10 years of growth, the company has accumulated increasingly refined professional skills, multi-level talent echelon and relatively perfect service system. In the future, XTREME will continue to popularize racing sports and racing culture, and continue to develop the existing racing sports business sector. At the same time, we will expand popular science education for young people and training in motor racing, establish the only integrated interactive racing platform for racing games in the world, cover the online and offline industrial chains, and form core barriers. Xtreme will make creating a pan-sports industry around sports cars and the IP of China’s own sports platform as its ultimate goal.

The choice of continuing to develop thoroughly in Qingpu based on the development of Great Hongqiao stems from Mr. Zhao Hui’s feelings for his hometown. Today, the Great Hongqiao has become a hot spot. This place, which bears the honor and dream of becoming the center of international trade in Shanghai, will surely rise rapidly and become the “western gateway” of Shanghai to absorb resources. He will also lead the company to assume the social responsibility of local enterprises and make due contributions to the development of regional cities.