“Fulfilling social responsibility with gratitude” is the focus of Glorious International’s corporate culture. For many years, the group has been keen on public welfare undertakings and has been at the forefront of public welfare. The Group has donated to charity fund organizations such as Xinjiang Aksu Kindergarten, Qingpu Zhujiajiao Middle School, and Song Qingling Fund. It also regularly organizes employees to visit local nursing homes and welfare agencies in Qingpu District to carry out warm and charitable activities to give back to the society with practical actions.

In 2019, the company donated 650,000 yuan to the Yongda Charity Foundation. In December, Glorious International sponsored the International Starlight Public Music Art Festival. Chairman Zhao Hui and his family donated 150,000 yuan to the Shanghai Charity Foundation during the event, offering their love to the vulnerable groups, special groups and people in poor mountainous areas.

In January 2020, the COVID-19 epidemic broke out nationwide. Mr. Zhao Hui contacted overseas friends for the first time to coordinate resources. Through continuous efforts, he finally raised 51,000 masks. In order to ensure that urgently needed medical supplies can be provided to the relevant epidemic prevention departments in a timely manner, he also immediately assigned staff to rush to Japan to transport the masks back to China. Employee representatives of the company then donated all the masks to the Health Commission of Qingpu District to support the government’s epidemic prevention and control work. In February, the second batch of 650 sets of protective clothing and 15,000 pairs of medical gloves for epidemic prevention were also shipped directly from the airport to the District Disease Control Center to donate to the District Health Commission. In addition to medical supplies, Mr. Zhao Hui also supported the epidemic prevention and control work in Qingpu District of Shanghai through the targeted donation of 300,000 yuan by the Red Cross Society of Qingpu District. Recently, he and his family also participated in the donation campaign of Esquire in conjunction with China Social Assistance Fund and Da Ai Qing Chen Fund to provide the most scarce medical ventilator for the hospitals in the heavily affected areas of Hubei Province.