KTM Crazy E-Sports Feast E-Sports Culture Blooms in West Hongqiao

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In active response to the Shanghai Municipal Government’s call for building a “Global E-sports Capital”, continuously promoting popularization of motorsport, carrying forward the spirit of motorsport, spread sports game projects, and allowing more people to feel the cool racing and e-sports culture full of positive energy, this afternoon (November 18), the first Greater China KTM Simulative Racing E-sports Championship was held in the Qingpu Xihongqiao Tonglian Innovation Industrial Park.

Zhou Binghua, Deputy Secretary General of Shanghai Athletic Federation, Xu Bo, Secretary General of Shanghai E-sports Association and Wang Lingyu, Deputy Head of Qingpu District, attended the event.

The Racing E-sports Championship, currently a simulative racing competition with the highest bonuses, the longest schedule, the largest number of participants and the widest coverage of populations nationwide, was rolled out in July 2018. After 26 online competitions, 16 top players of Greater China stood out; today, they gathered in Tonglian Entrepreneurial Park to battle in the West Hongqiao. Within more than three hours in the afternoon, multiple rounds of breath-taking competitions almost stifled the entire audience of e-sports, as the intense event atmosphere and the spirit of sports burst out via the screen. In the end, Yin Zheng (gtr1994), Zhong Yancheng (Fire Fire) and Han Fei (lolicnmagic) won the top three.

Simulative racing is a game competition and driver training approach that has gained popularity all over the world in recent years. With a very high degree of recovery, players can penetrate in motor sports and experience the joy of competition at the lowest cost. In 2018, after involvement in the racing sports business for nearly 10 years, Glorious International closely focused on the goal of building a “Global E-sports Capital”, extended the event from offline to online, and held the KTM Simulative Racing E-sports Championship.

Today’s event is concurrent with the unveiling ceremony of Glorious E-sports Industrial Park in West Hongqiao area, which is also a spillover effect to Qingpu and West Hongqiao area in the cultural and sports field following the successful Import Expo.