If I have a “ticket”, will you follow me?

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The story of farewell due to a “ferry ticket”
We all know the ending

This is life
Some choices allow for no hesitation
There is a concept called “decision fatigue” in behavioral economics
The more decisions you make in a short period of time
The more tired you become
The less willing you are to weigh the pros and cons again
Leading to more and more hesitation in your decisions

And housing price is like a car
Sometimes running fast, sometimes running slowly
But it never flames out
Occasional government regulations resemble the big and small stop cards
By no means the end, just a temporary brake
We are like passengers, regardless of standing or seating tickets
At least get in the car first
And then consider whether to choose a window position to see the scenery
If you are still watching, keep running behind the car
In this era of rapid development, once hesitated
You will be thrown away by a greater distance in the future
Hongqiao is more than 5 D since then
Glorious Classic 1733
Lands in Hongqiao
With approximately 3km straight line distance from the National Exhibition and Convention Center, a main venue of Import Expo
Enjoy the convenience of aviation, railway, rail transit, maglev and cars
5-dimensional transportation network
For seamless and easy intercity commuting
Even so
West Hongqiao never ceased the steps toward the future
According to planning
A tram with a total length of approximately 14.3 kilometers is about to start construction

Centering on Xumin Road where the National Exhibition and Convention Center is located
Build a “8” -shaped ground tram network
The Northern Ring Line is 5.15 kilometers long, comprising 12 stations
With average station distance of about 400 meters
Connected to Metro Line 2 Xujing East Station, Line 17 Panlong Road Station
And China Expo North Station
The Southern Ring Line is 9.15 kilometers long, comprising 18 stations
Mainly serving the southern business district
And residents of Nangao residential community
The completion of tram
Improves not only the choice and speed of West Hongqiao’s daily commute
But more broadens the dimension of facing the future of city
Education and Health Highland, to Approach Securely

Rapidly assisted by trams
Glorious Classic 1733 is
“One step away” from the world-class luxurious education and health facilities
Shanghai Yuanda Health City, Hongqiao International Medical Center
Children’s Hospital of Fudan University
High-end general medical resources echo directly
Montessori kindergarten, Shanghai German and French school
Shanghai British School, Shanghai American School, Soong Ching Ling School
All-age, outstanding bilingual international school resources
Boost children toward a better future
Natural-stone French villa, leisure realm of park

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