XTREME Broke through Again with Radical SR3 Conquering Tianjin V1 Circuit

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Last week, XTREME tackled the Tianjin V1 Circuit with its full-powered Radical SR3 and KTM X-Bow. In the name of 2019, let your heart beat faster, when only speed and passion go together.

Star racer Liu Zexuan carried the scene by the Radical SR3, igniting the overtaking tempo, and the record of Tianjin V1-D Circuit was beaten with the fastest single lap of 1:06.554. Let’s experience the full-powered racing of Radical SR3 from the perspective of racer Liu Zexuan.

Tianjin V1 International Circuit is a Level-2 professional circuit certified by the FIA. The racetrack has a total length of 3.5 kilometers, extended to 4.3 kilometers, with multiple track combinations, totaling 19 curves, 8 left and 11 right curves. The combination of high-speed straight lines and continuous curves makes the track experience more heart-stirring. The test run of Tianjin V1 International Circuit also brings a new experience for XTREME to explore new domestic circuits and acquire the speed limit in 2019.

The protagonist on the test run day is undoubtedly the creator of new record—Radical SR3. As a mainstay among Radical series, the Radical SR3 inherits all advantages of the Radical racing car: Lightweight design concept eliminates all excess “fat”, coupled with a horsepower of more than 250Ps, and thereby rendering it an extremely high trust-weight ratio. The perfect layout of centrally-mounted rear drive also brings excellent basic dynamic performance.

Radical SR3’s rigorous body design manifests brilliant aerodynamics performance; it can generate strong downforce at high speeds; Radical SR3 model boasts a downforce of 600 kg at 200 km/h, which is on par with the weight of vehicle, so as to defeat the same level of racing cars on the curve.

Driving the Radical SR3 to accomplish this record is just our old partner—racer Liu Zexuan. As one of the popular top-notch domestic drivers, obsessed by speed, he is victorious as “a perfect match” with the Radical SR3.

Friends who are familiar with us all know that it is not the first time for the cooperative test run between Liu Zexuan and XTREME. As early as the shooting of Tencent’s hit variety show Heart Signal, Liu Zexuan once drove a Radical car in the recording, to attract countless fans in no time.

As regards XTREME, Tianjin V1 Circuit is a brand new attempt. Before its full completion, we took a step ahead to visit the field, with full-powered attack, new experience and invincible speed. Throughout the 2018 season, we followed the 2018 China GT in twelve rounds of six arenas, constantly achieved breakthrough by the fastest lap, and won the championship of GTC group’s annual table and the third place of GT4 group’s annual table.

And even in the off season, we are never tired, but actively trying new tracks and challenging new records. As 2018 is coming to an end, in the upcoming new year of 2019, let’s explore new tracks together, open up a new horizon and unveil your new experience.