Hardcore promotion in your moments, this is what track combustion should look like

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Over the past few days, WeChat has quietly updated version 7.0.4, adding the function of “moments can only be seen for one month”. “A month is the right time”, finally no more bonds between friends will be cut off because of the simple and blank line for ” moments can only be seen for three days”.

Many friends are very excited about this. After all, there are so many records of beautiful scenery, so many interesting videos and pictures, waiting to be peeped, liked and to which private messages are sent. See, my moments is ignited by such trends in moments, clicking for likes till my hands are shaky.

I felt a surge of hormones even across the screen
Laughing out loud…

For these fun seekers, the weekend is all about finding the wildest thrill and the most impressive ride. Here is your chance, 5.12 KTM X-BOW Ningbo driving experience day. Super sweet!

One of the most important considerations for any kind of proper driving experience is that the road and the car are “congenial”. Having just seen the thrilling scene of the China GT Ningbo Station Race, KTM test drive has been deliberately set up in Ningbo International Circuit, initializing a journey of combusting engines. The speed is for eyeballs and the sound is for ears. The sense of ceremony that belongs to pure racing just surface seamlessly. The sections of this activity is very interesting and reasonable. Judging from the process, the first thing to start is the safety knowledge training and KTM performance and track driving skills brought by gold medal racing coaches.

The KTM X-BOW used for this driving experience is the most successful car in Europe for racing experience and basic racing training program. Without further ado, you can appreciate its appearance, cool models, and true racing car base under the smart body from its photos. It emits distinct sporty temperament from deep within. Now go straight to the point. Open the door for more driving experience.

The KTM X-BOW adopts the Audi DSG dual clutch and gear shifter for easy driving. The first thing that attracts you is the almost exaggerated racing seat. The cockpit is very spacious, with excellent ergonomic design, so that those sitting in the driver’s seat can feel extremely strong envelopment. The main driver and the first passenger seats are both comfortable to ride and suitable for experience and training. With the noise of the exhaust, the whole driving experience of the KTM is very friendly, subtle and yet dramatic.

The immediate outburst sense of poke the moment one steps lightly on the accelerator always tease your nerves. The calibration of engine is also very good, after all, it is powered by a 2.0 liter turbocharged engine power output up to 300 horsepower with a torque of 420. Even under high speed you can still feel a strong continuity of the power, pushing you firmly against the seats. The feeling reaches climax the moment you steer into the corner and loosen the accelerator accompanied by the exhaust cracking.

At the same time, the carbon fiber integral cockpit of formula structure improves the rigidity of the car, and the reaction of the locomotive is faster and more sensitive. You can experience the feeling of confidence that comes with a full turn and enjoy every turn. To sum up, the KTM is a minimalist pursuit that will instantly ignite your long-dormant driver’s heart.


Aren’t you already eager to find out more? Don’t worry! Watch the video for 15 seconds to see a piece for your satisfaction. Just a brief notice, on May 25, the Tiger Tooth Cup KTM test drive in Shanghai is about to stir your heart again and you are most welcome.