Successful Conclusion of The Glorious International Cup Basketball League of Qingpu District

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On August 12, the First Shanghai Municipal Sports Games Basketball Qualification Trials and the Glorious International Cup Basketball League of Qingpu District concluded in the Qingpu District Sports Hall. District Standing Committee Member and Minister of Publicity, Mr Wei Ming, Glorious International General Manager Mr Gao Hongyu watched the game and presented awards to winning teams.

The League is sponsored by the Qingpu District Sports Bureau, undertaken by the District Social Sports Center, and named and sponsored by Shanghai Glorious Investment and Development Co., LTD. The League is divided into two divisions, namely the First Division and the Second Division, implementing a promotion and relegation system. A total of 192 athletes from 16 teams from the region participated. In the 62 games which lasted for three and a half months, the athletes strived to play hard, and demonstrated their dignity and competitiveness. The exciting and fierce games attracted thousands of audience to watch. Eventually, the three basketball teams of Xianghuaqiao Street, Huaxin Town and Yingpu Street had won the top three in the First Division. The three teams of Shanghai Ting Lin Decoration Engineering Co., LTD., Qingpu Branch of the Police Bureau and Zhonggu Town won the top three in the Second Division.

The competition has not only boosted friendship between the teams but also enriched the sports life of amateur basketball fans. Moreover, the competition has also fully revealed the public’s good spirit of solidarity and collaboration, playing a proper role for the further popularization and promotion of basketball sports, as well as the in-depth development and promotion of popular fitness activities.