Solidarity and Cooperation for Realizing the Goal – Success for Quarter 3 Working Conference of GLORIOUS INTERNATIOANL GROUP

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On September 23, 2015, 2015 Quarter 3 Working Conference and Additional Activity of GLORIOUS INTERNATIOANL GROUP (herein referred to as GLORIOUS) was held in CITIC Pacific Zhujiajiao Jin Jiang Hotel. Director and above personnel of the group, business departments and subsidiaries participated in the conference. Chairman of the Board Zhao Hui, Executive Director Gao Hongyu, Supervisor Guan Wen and President Zhu Wuchao attended the conference. Executive Director Gao Hongyu presided over the conference.

In the beginning of the conference, Ms Gao Hongyu announced two appointments of board of shareholders, appointing senior media and financial expert Mr. Guan Wen as the Chief Supervisor and Dong Qi as the Board Office Director. Then, Mr. Zhu Wuchao declared the new inverted triangle organization structure of the group and announced the new appointments of Jiang Zhentao, Meng Fanying, Zhang Wenyan, Chen Gangyi, Ge Jiao and Guo Sitong.

The sharing and communication part was brilliant. Chief Director Gao Hongyu’s speech with the theme of Enterprise Strategy and Enterprise Culture shared with us a better understanding of enterprise strategy and culture, reviewed the development of the group, and elaborated on the significant role of enterprise strategy and culture in enterprise development. He also sorted out the strategic goals and enterprise culture of the group and proposed several assessment indicators for reference of management team. President Zhu Wuchao made the work report from January to August, 2015, including the macro market and the specific financial data. He analyzed the response method of the group under New Normal, clarified the advantages and disadvantages of the group and proposed the direction for transformation. At last, Mr. Zhu initiated the general requirements of “improving efficiency and enhancing solidarity and cooperation for realizing our target” for the management team and arranged the task for Quarter 4.

Financial Director Cai Xiaohong reported the budget performance from January to August, 2015, and explained the standard for financial reimbursement. Administration Manager Chen Gangyi delivered a speech with the theme of How to Make the Employees’ target Consistent with the Enterprise Target.

Chief Supervisor Guan Wen made a speech and explained the accurate role definition of the Supervisor, e.g. “foresight, innovation and resource integration”.

After a short break, the conference agenda in the afternoon starts. The members in the group board delivered speeches with the theme of China’s Economic Form under New Change and New Normal and Method and Route for Corporate Finance and Reduction of Financing Cost respectively. From the pattern and perspective of global and domestic situation, Cai Chunhua inspired the participants to consider economy from the point of view of “Currency War” and shared his market analysis of today’s economy of China and the real estate industry. Liu Heng starting from the viewpoint of corporate finance, proposed to add the financing channels, carry out the standard management and establish the learning organizations.

In the final brainstorming, Jiang Zhentao, General Manager of the Real Estate Business Department, shared the positioning report of the 108 projects; Lu Jingwen, General Manager of the Automobile Business Department, shared the inventory reduction and performance improvement of high-end automobiles; Zhou Weiguo, General Manager of the Hotel Business Department, shared the innovation of the hotel revenue increase and expenditure saving service; Zhou Heping, Executive Deputy General Manager of the Xinxu Jingcheng, shared the experience of the urban village project. All participants actively participated in the discussion and put forward many valuable opinions and suggestions for the development of each key project of each business department.

Zhao Hui, Chairman of the Group, participated in comments in the middle of the meeting: “fast is slow, slow is fast”, “Combine the theory and practice, give theory a new high level, and implement it in place”. It was suggested that all participants should seriously participate in the working meeting, learn and improve through sharing and exchange.

Zhao Hui, the founder and Chairman of the Group, has always adhered to the concept of public welfare to shore up the group on the basis of society, serve the society and repay the society. He has the benevolence as a social citizen and a strong sense of responsibility as an entrepreneur. Keen on public welfare undertakings, he has supported Zhujiajiao Senior High School, Aksu Bilingual Kindergarten in Xinjiang, children of migrant workers in Xujing, Buddhist disciples of Xilin Temple, etc. In order to gather and spread love, Glorious Love Fund was also established at this meeting to transform his personal charity behavior into corporate behavior, institutionalize and standardize charity, and better care for employees.

The work agenda of the working meeting in the first day was successfully concluded. All the participants had a deeper understanding of the macroeconomic situation, the micro regional advantages, the group’s strategy, culture, the progress of key projects, and the following key work of the group. “Forge ahead, actively create value; develop steadily, and strive to surpass the ordinary”. Under such cultural cohesion, all staff of Glorious would work harder, sprint for the task in the fourth quarter of 2015, and will cross the difficult economic situation, seize the opportunity of regional development, and make a better future for Glorious.