Super Decoration Home Experience House&Glorious Jingdian 1733 Strong Union, the salon event is this weekend

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On July 31, 2019, the team of Super Decoration Home Experience House braved the scorching heat to drive to the Qingpu District Xujing East Xulian Road 666,”Glorious Jingdian 1733″ project to carry on the field investigation.

Hongqiao heart nobles, inherited a century of glory

Glorious Jingdian 1733 is the last low-density villa community development project of the West Suburb Villa Group. With only 0.7 percent of the total volume, after Shanghai under 1.0 volume of pure villa projects have been suspended 15 years ago, this is the most scare core business area of the Grand Rainbow Bridge, and the last King’s Glory Program.

Glorious Jingdian 1733

The west suburb villa group of the project is the most livable city villa district, thus forming the Hongqiao International School Area, integrating into Shanghai’s best-quality and largest international school community.

High-quality schools and high-end medical facilities are also perfect, and two medical centers will be put into use by 2020.”Hongqiao International Medical Center” is to form a 1+7+X layout consisting of 1 medical and technical center, 7 high-end hospitals and several characteristic outpatient clinics.

A good project cannot be separated from high-quality shopping and leisure matching, Yintao Golf International Club and Bailianotres around the surrounding. The National Convention and Exhibition Center is a short walk away.

Area Location Map (for reference only)

“Home in the Park” is not only the ideal of home-ownership of advanced officials at home and abroad, but also a good vision of family heritage. And all of this, in the Glorious Jingdian 1733 planning “Peninsula heart of the secret garden in the garden of life in the great landscape” will be into the reality!

Up to 0.7 of the volume of accommodation! To meet the dream of comfortable and comfortable living vision. The total area of about 73,000 square meters, in the waterscape and park around the base, to create a new ideal living space, deduce the unique style of the house.35% of the house standard green cover, high oxygen-rich healthy living.

Glorious Jingdian Scene Map

Nearly 30,000 square east-west two-side municipal park, carefully create grass slope stand, camphor forest trestle, circular runway, waterfront level platform, etc., to create an elegant, leisurely atmosphere of life. Let the Four Seasons Landscape within reach~

And “three axis three belt” landscape planning mode, has carved Bordeaux, Provence, Monet and other three French-themed gardens, in order to meet the living vision of home being surrounded by nature, but also enhance the community’s noble and elegant quality.

Super Decoration Home Experience House is coming

Glorious Jingdian 1733, ultra-low density villa area! How to make up your new home and start a good life? Out of thousands of Shanghai decoration companies, how to find the quality of the enterprise responsible for the good?

Now, the Super Decoration Home Experience House coming, all the difficult problems in the house decoration, can be easily solved here!

You must have heard of Super Decoration, Super Decoration is a large-scale TV home decoration column, from the media perspective for you to control the decoration of every detail. The Super Decoration Home Experience House is a brand-new offline project derived from the Super Decoration. We cooperate with Shanghai senior high-quality home furnishings enterprises, as well as top-level design Da Ka, to each owner to provide the most professional decoration advice.

Today, the owners of Glorious Jingdian 1733 are blessed!

Glorious Jingdian 1733 hand-in-hand Super Decoration Home Experience House, strong combination, with the best price, the best quality, for you to build a future home!

On-the-spot measurement of the designer of the Super Decoration Home Experience House

The beginning of this article has mentioned that the team of Super Decoration Home Experience House is in a on-the-spot inspection of the Glorious Jingdian 1733. Although this is a picturesque community, we come here not for fun, but with great sincerity and a sacred mission.

No spamming of uttering, more showing of drawings.

Layout of the original structure of the house

NO. 1 Household Layout Plan

Design ideas:

◆ Basement: The basement area is reduced to zero, the basic function area is divided reasonably, the leisure area and the bar area are added, and the main activity space is given by the skylight.

◆ The first layer: through the way of the ground encirclement and the ceiling regionalization, from the visual sense to weaken the defects of the door itself, enhance the sense of the region.

◆ Floor 2: Use the empty area of the original cast-in-place to add a separate room, and to meet the needs of the functional area.

◆ Floor 3: The third floor bathroom integrated into the main bedroom suite, with cloakroom balcony demolished, the storage area expanded, the main bedroom cloakroom and the main bathroom line set to be more reasonable, and the internal function area of the main bathroom independent, to achieve practical and aesthetic needs.

NO. 2 family layout plan

Design Idea:

◆ Make full use of the space of the original stair, adopt the elevator stair combination design to solve the problem of multi-floor. Two cast-in-place emptying maximizes the utilization of area to increase residential function.

Haven’t seen enough yet? Don’t worry! These are just the tip of the iceberg of our 1733 visit, there are more brilliant design plans, 360°panoramic effect, super-costume TV program case collection, exquisite visiting ceremony, signing large gift package, etc., all in August 31,”Glorious 25 years, to the classic era” Glorious 1733 home design sharing salon activities!

Come On! We’re waiting for you!