A letter to the Glorious Family

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Dear Glorious family members,

Hope this letter finds you well!

This spring became unforgettable because of an epidemic, and because of the firm belief in guarding the homeland, everyone’s heart was closely connected.

At the same time, the Glorious Group is taking the responsibilities of Chinese private enterprises, making its own efforts to win the fight against the disease, and carrying out the real protection of the good life with practical actions.

Raising Supplies, Donating Love

In this anti-epidemic war, we saw the Glorious race against time, set up an anti-epidemic working group at the first time, and timely transfer funds and raise medical substances to provide assistance.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the Glorious International has donated 300,000 yuan to the District Health Committee through the Red Cross Society of Qingpu District to support the epidemic prevention and control work in the District. It has actively called for all overseas resources and specially dispatched people to Japan to purchase emergency supplies. As of February 13, it has donated 51,102 medical masks, 650 sets of protective clothing, and 15,000 pairs of medical gloves to the Qingpu District.

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Combating on the Frontline of Epidemic Prevention and Faithful to Their Duties

Isolating epidemic never isolates love and action. We saw the staff of the Glorious Property work on the frontline of the epidemic during the Spring Festival, without any hesitation, go all out to disinfect, prevente and control, perform duties, preach and purchase, and carry out strict professional epidemic prevention process to all projects under the Glorious, including residential, hotel, industrial park, 4S shop and etc..

Glorious Jingdian 1733·Hongqiao Prefecture’s epidemic prevention work

Epidemic prevention work of Xihongqiao Tonglian Industrial Park

Ensure safe and orderly work resumption

Xihongqiao Tonglian Industrial Park
Orderly resumption of work under the premise of meeting the conditions is the most favorable support for economic development and epidemic prevention. As the representative project of Qingpu Industrial Park-Xihongqiao Tonglian Park, under the professional and strict anti-epidemic measures of the Glorious Property, combining with the actual situation of the Park, formulated the Emergency Prevention and Control Plan for the New Coronavirus in Glorious-Tonglian Park and allowed gradual and orderly return to work from February 10th, so that every employee returning to work can feel at ease to work!

Dig Deep, Show Value

On February 13, the Shanghai municipal government formally approved and agreed the “Shanghai Hongqiao Main City Area Unit Planning”, marking the start of a new round of refined development of the Grand Hongqiao,” Grand Hongqiao main city area” as the crown pearl, deserves it more!

It coincides with the Glorious’ 26-year masterpiece of the Grand Hongqiao area- the Glorious Jingdian 1733, whose first phase is about to be fully delivered. The second phase of Hongqiao House also launched about 187 square meters of French original stone townhouse. All new and old friends are welcomed to the scene to witness together the bright future of the Grand Hongqiao.