Notification of Application Process for Resumption of Work of Enterprises in Tonglian Industrial Park

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Recently, more and more enterprises in Shanghai have resumed work. According to the Shanghai Municipal Economic and Information Commission’s “Notice on Smoothly Resuming the Work and Production of Enterprises”, the enterprises are notified to be ready to resume work. Tonglian Park is also fully prepared for this notice. In order to allow all the enterprises in the Tonglian Industial Park to resume work smoothly, Tonglian Industrial Park specially organized the resumption process. Three simple steps to ease the resumption of work of enterprises in the Tonglian!

1. Preparation of materials

All of the following materials should be printed and stamped with official seal.
The materials required for the application for resumption of work of enterprises are as follows:
1. Application for resumption of work (confirmation of the time of resumption, signature of legal person or seal of a legal person)
2. The Resumption Programme
3. Establishment of a Working Group on Prevention and Control of Epidemic Diseases
4. Enterprise Commitment
5. To formulate an emergency plan for the prevention of epidemic situation and provide an epidemic prevention isolation rooms (which can be shared)
6. To submit a list of preparations for epidemic prevention (on-the-spot inspection) + materials prepared must be sufficient for more than 2 weeks
7. To provide a list of returnees, when involving returnees from outside of Shanghai, a proof must be provided showing that the returnee has been quarantined for 14 days (screenshots to be printed after the returnee has sent the text message, indicating the XXX query time)
8. One Enterprise One Form
9. Personal Commitment Template (to receive the original copy with signature of all employees on the first day of work)
10. Daily Checklist Templates (e-Files + Printed copies with Stamps are required daily after resumption of work)
11. Copy of Business License

In addition to submitting the above-mentioned 11 items of materials, each work-resumed enterprise shall meet the following three requirements:
1. The work-resumed enterprise shall set up a temperature measuring desk, and conduct daily temperature measuring and registration for the returning employees. (All anti-epidemic materials, such as face masks, thermometers and disinfectants, etc. should be placed at the temperature measuring desk.)
2. Work-resumed enterprises must set up collection points for waste face masks. (Mask recycling point logo should be sticked.)
3. The work-resumed enterprises shall carry out daily inspection and truthfully complete the inspection registration form.

2. Submission of materials

Companies that want to resume work should prepare the 11 items of materials in Step 1 and submit them to relevant departments of Tonglian Industrial Park. The relevant departments may submit materials for the enterprises that apply for resumption of work for the first time.

3. Work resumption inspection

If the materials submitted by the enterprise pass the audit, the staff of the relevant departments will come to the enterprise in person and inspect the three requirements of Step 1 one by one to ensure that the epidemic prevention work is carried out truthfully.

On-site inspection sheet for enterprise rework

Requirement 1: The front desk shall set the temperature measurement and prepare the epidemic prevention materials

Requirement 2: Set up waste mask collection point

Requirements 3: Daily inspection and registration of enterprises
If the enterprise passes the relevant department’s epidemic prevention inspection, it will receive the notice that allows the resumption of work in the near future.

In order to provide a healthy and reassuring working environment for all the employees in the park, during this special period , Tonglian has also formulated “the Emergency Prevention and Control Plan for the New Coronavirus in Glorious-Tonglian Park” so as to made every effort to prevent and control the epidemic situation.