Lay Equal Emphasis on Epidemic prevention and rehabilitation, Strengthen the Management of Government and Enterprises

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On March 5, Li Huagui, Chairman of the CPPCC, Qingpu District, Shanghai and Zhu Fuxian, Director of Special Committee, visited the headquarters of Glorious Group to investigate and guide the work of epidemic prevention, and listened to the related work and needs of enterprises during the period of epidemic prevention and control. Wang Hanyang, Group Chief Operating Officer, Gao Hongyu, CPPCC Standing Committee and co-general manager of New Xujing city project, and other leaders, briefed on the company’s epidemic prevention and control measures and the rehabilitation status of the related industries under the Group company.

Chairman Li Huagui stressed that in the face of the epidemic, enterprises need to grasp with two hands, one hand to resume work and production, the other to prevent and control epidemic. Stability means good, and safety comes first. At the same time, he also gives recognition and encouragement to the concept of urban regional operation and service provider with special strength and multi-industry development of Glorious Group. Combined with the current situation of Shanghai epidemic situation, Chairman Li pointed out that special attention should be paid to the current trend of external input of the epidemic situation, tighten the strings of prevention and control of the epidemic at all times, strengthen the public health management of enterprises and the self-protection consciousness of employees.