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No. 38 Xujing Xuxiang Road Qingpu District, Shanghai


Located in the core business district of Hongqiao, only 2 kilometers away from the National Convention and Exhibition Center, Xihongqiao Tonglian integrates business start-up, living, arts and culture, leisure and social activities, enjoying the benefits of the development of Hongqiao and sharing the dividends of economic leap.

For dreamers and entrepreneurs around the world, the future is just around the corner and opportunities are in their hands.

Innovative Office Centre

One-stop service, one step ahead in starting your career

  • All-stage service system
    From business registration and tax service to office space design, construction and occupancy, choosing Xihongqiao Tonglian is the right decision.
  • Multifunctional working platform
    Under the international cutting-edge shared office mode, the natural industry style of about 5 meters of high-rise space is fully equipped with comfortable office, negotiation and rest area, and stylish cafe.
  • Multidimensional transportation system
    Run through by Subway Line 2, 13 (under construction) and 17, and the highway network reaches all urban areas. The high-speed railway airport connects with the city network.
  • Diversified office facilities
    Catering and other supporting facilities are only the foundation. The green office concept advocated in the current era is our pursuit. The natural resources surrounded by water on three sides cooperate with the green space in the center of the park to dissipate the pressure and let your creativity soar.

Innovation Service Centre

You are responsible for the creativity and leave the rest to us.

  • Vertical incubation center
    To provide holographic services for all settled enterprises to grow, major famous service organizations and research platforms have landed.
  • Product experience center
    Quick display platform, high-quality experience space. Your achievements will never be buried.
  • Policy-specific subsidies
    Qingpu government supports industries, and settled enterprises receive special subsidies according to taxes, industries and payment methods.

Innovative Life Centre

Care your life like your family.

  • Fashion leisure
    Every small art store is your hearts’ resting place. In the coffee club, the greasy and delicate emotional temperature, also has the kindred spirits to talk freely.
  • Fitness and Entertainment
    It provides a back-end for career growth and a place for good health. The fitness center in the park, the nearby sports park and basketball court are all your sports grounds.