Position 1: Receptionist

Job requirements

  • 22-28 years old, good image and temperament, height above 163cm;
  • Having good service consciousness, good language expression, communication shills and teamwork ability;
  • Familiar with computer operation, with basic secretarial knowledge, public relations etiquette and other aspects of training;
  • Proficient in operating computer office software (WORD, EXCEL), etc.
  • Work carefully and conscientiously, with good service and professionalism.

Position 2: Cashier

Job requirements

  • Junior college degree or above, 2-3 years working experience, accounting license, real estate industry preferred;
  • Proficient in using U8 financial software and office software;
  • Industrious and hard-working, bear hardships and stand hard work, be steadfast and steady, have strong ability to resist pressure, have strong enterprising spirit, have the courage to face challenges, ability to adapt to changes and solve problems, good team spirit.

Position 3: Intern (real estate, property, hotel, automobile)

Job requirements

  • Junior college degree or above.
  • Major in architecture, property management, hotel management, Chinese, news, law, marketing, advertising, business English, etc.
  • Love to work, firm and persistent, hard-working.

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