Glorious International developed from a small company with only a few people to a comprehensive group company with five major business sectors. Its success benefits from the company’s business philosophy of pursuing perfection and top quality when carrying out both big and small projects.

The company’s elaboration, “Glorious Jinghua”, “Glorious Jingdian 1733” Villa Project, its two major brand hotels and “Xihongqiao Tonglian Industrial Park” all embody the pursuit of ingenuity. The choice of continuing to develop thoroughly in Qingpu based on the development of Great Hongqiao stems from Mr. Zhao Hui’s feelings for his hometown.

Today, the Great Hongqiao has become a hot spot. This place, which bears the honor and dream of becoming the center of international trade in Shanghai, will surely rise rapidly and become the “western gateway” of Shanghai to absorb resources. He will also lead the company to assume the social responsibility of local enterprises and make due contributions to the development of regional cities.