Wonder Woman Supports XTREME! 8 racers Unite to Strengthen the Alliance and light China GT!

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Not lonely this weekend!
Because CHINA GT gets excited again!
In Shanghai International Circuit,
the passion of the track is coming again!
The lineup on this site is quite gorgeous!
The XTREME team welcomed a new member,
“The wonder woman” – Naomi Schiff.

The beautiful racing driver from Belgium,
loves exciting adventure solely,
unwilling to miss any chance to challenge life!
Love and talent for racing,
enable her to identify the life road of speed and transcendence.

Schiff, who is only 23 years old, has won many honors,
including annual championship of the Renault Clio Cup China,
the championship of European New Star by driving the KTM X-BOW GT4 and the third place of Australian Red Bull Ring-National,
and the title of Red Star Champion Driver!

Of course, there will be our talented young racers:
Ling Kang

Take a another look at China GT Shanghai station
Full luxury lineup from XTREME team
Radical RXC Turbo
Radical is the world’s unique GT racing car with the characteristics of Le Mans prototype,
1100 kg + 500 HP, super exciting ratio
It’s truly “born for the track”.
Group: GTC
Racing Car No.68
Racing drivers: Xu Wei & Ling Kang

Ling Kang (KANG LING)
Signed racer of Lamborghini European GT3 Tournament,
Talented young driver who has won numerous honors.

Xu Wei(WEI XU)
one of the best gentlemen drivers in China,
won the Asia Pacific Championship of Ferrari Challenge in 2014,
champion of the Zhuhai 4-hour Endurance Race in 2017.
GTC Group Racing Car No.16
Racing drivers: Song Bo & DOMINIC ANG

Song Bo(BO SONG)
has begun to participate in the Ferrari Asia Pacific Challenge and other events since 2012,
having rich racing career experience,
His company is also the largest cloud computing service provider of intelligent vehicle travel in Jiangsu Province.


Famous Malaysian racer and coach,
won group champion of Super Taikyu GT3 from 2011 to 2013
and the second place in GT group of Le Mans Asia Series and Asian Le Mans Sprint Cup in 2016
With numerous honors, he is known as the champion harvester.
as the top super running brand in Europe,
KTM has won more than 200 world-class car racing championships with outstanding technical strength, and KTM GT4, who converges the top technology, is called “track monster”!
Group: GT4 Racing Car No.86
Racing drivers: Chen Yinian & Lu Qifeng

Chen Yinian (EDMAND CHEN)
born in 1980s, CEO of the car racing engineering company, has been in Australia for studying,
and he often travels in drift competitions in China, Japan and New Zealand,
winning the second place in China GT GT4 group for many times.

Shi Liang (LIANG SHI)
A sunshine-type male who loves outdoor activities and are active in automobile activities of various Supercar brands,
winning two consecutive championships of the Radical Single Brand Competition in 2013,
As a teenager, he studied abroad and now manages family overseas businesses.

Naomi Schiff
KTM Belgian beauty driver with speed
The invincible “Wonder Woman” in track