This is what real racing training should look like

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A few days ago I was busy with something big quietly and did not write daily posts. Today is the day to give up my vacation for business. Theme – 618·XTREME racing driving training, which touches the hardcore of racing training to share with you all. Whatever mentioned above is a little bit off track, as usual.

If there is to be a platform that can not only realize one’s dream of racing on a track, but also provides training to improve track driving skills, the XTREME driving training class must not be forgotten.

6.18 XTREME driving training course venue: Shanghai International Circuit
Vehicle: KTM X-BOW, Radical SR1 / SR3

Professional and solid is what the XTREME driving training class gives you as a first impression. This XTREME driving license training class consists of two major course contents of KTM X-BOW driving training and Radical advanced training. Under the guidance of a professional racing coach and an experienced team of technicians, trainees master the track driving skills and go full speed ahead on the road to professional racing.

In the first day of KTM X-BOW driving training, the study of theoretical courses is an indispensable “foreplay”. We invited the head coach of motor racing, Liu Yang, to explain the basic knowledge of motor sports, laws and regulations, and track precautions. Following the introduction of the KTM X-BOW racing operation, the KTM X-BOW we used was the most successful basic racing training program racer model in Europe. It has an integrated carbon fiber cockpit with formula structure, six-speed double clutch with paddle-shifting, 2.0 turbocharged, 0-100 km/h acceleration in 3.5 seconds. Born for the track, the racer enables the trainees to fully enjoy the ride.

After the theoretical course, the practical operation started immediately. Coach Liu Yang and Zheng Wancheng gave one-to-one guidance, leading the trainees to practice full track driving and focus on corners and brake points, including providing professional analysis and guidance on the angle and characteristics of each corner and the distance between two corners, which also laid a solid foundation for the actual practical on the second day.

The true triumph of the training was absolutely the moment when the trainee drove the KTM X-BOW on the track! The coach in the front racer controls the rhythm, and the trainee followed the coach’s leading car for track experience, implementing and further mastering the knowledge of driving route, braking out of corner points and other basics learned yesterday. As the driving speed was further increased, the trainees could feel the short deceleration of each brake point and the strong boom of each precise turn and line, and experience the excellent steering performance of the KTM X-BOW.

With the completion of the final theoretical knowledge assessment, the written test, the trainees formally completed the KTM X-BOW driving section of the training course, and obtained the class B racing license certified by the Chinese Automobile Federation.

On the third day, the Radical advanced training was conducted in the popular Radical SR3 prototype car as the racer. It has a very strong power-to-weight ratio and a complex aerodynamic design, with a body weight of only 600kg yet more than 200 horsepower. Through three sessions of practice throughout the day, the trainees could fully perceive and learn to drive the high downforce prototype car, laying a solid foundation for the advanced training of higher level races.

XTREME driving training class will start soon. Welcome to sign up! Finally, a daily broadcasting. Yes, we have been busy preparing for the 2019 China GT Shanghai Station & Radical Challenge from June 29th 30th. The ticket benefits are still on and private chat is welcomed.