Work Indicators of GLORIOUS INTERNATIONAL GROUP in the Second Half of 2015

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Correspondent: Dong Qi

Wonderful presentation, serious and warm round table discussion…. Was this an EMBA class in a university? This was the scene of the 2015 semi-annual business analysis meeting of GLORIOUS INTERNATIONAL GROUP. From 1:00 to 6:00 p.m. on July 24, the core business team of the Group had five hours of business discussion, and the group’s financial center, group’s personnel administration center. The Financial Center, Human Resources Administration Center, Logistics Department, Real Estate Business Department, Hotel Business Department, Automobile Business Department, Xinxu Jingcheng Industrial Co., Ltd. etc. of the Group reported the work in the first half of the year Results and work plan for the second half of the year, the President assigned key work for the second half of the year, and Executive Chairman Gao Hongyu made comments.

This meeting was the first business meeting after the announcement of the “Board of Directors + Management Team” structure by the semi-annual general meeting of all employees. Report presentation and round table discussion were the two main links of the meeting, fully reflecting the characteristics of “business centered and de-administrative”. In the reporting and demonstration stage, all departments used beautiful charts, rich data, and sufficient analysis to detail the work of in first half of the year, and also put forward matters that needed the support of the Group and other departments; in the round table discussion stage, core team members “cross table for discussion” according to business needs, and the atmosphere became more enthusiastic for a while.

The President of the Group believed that the Group would usher in an explosive growth period in 2017. Before that, it would face the pain of transformation. The measures of “inclining the distribution to the front-line employees, increasing the sales input”, “gradually implementing the partner plan”, and “improving the quality of employees through internal and external training” were put forward, and the key work in the second half of the year was arranged to all departments on site.

Gao Hongyu, Executive Chairman, made a final speech. She reiterated the position of “service, support and supervision” of the Board of Directors. She believed that “today’s analysis meeting will help the core team to fully understand the corporate development and clarify their responsibilities. She hoped that similar operation analysis meetings would continue. There will be corresponding business reports, inspections and discussions in semi-annual, quarterly, and monthly meetings.” She hoped “in the future, the report will be more streamlined from the perspective of the department and the Company; the work progress of the Human Resources Administration Department and the Financial Center will be accelerated.” We also hoped that “the management team can achieve the unity of thinking and action and improve the combat effectiveness under the leadership of president Zhu.”

The 2015 Semi-annual Business Meeting was successfully concluded, and all departments would continue to devote themselves to the intense work, and work hard to complete the established work of all departments, and make full efforts for indicators in second half of 2015. We hoped that each department can hand over a more beautiful answer sheet to make the dream of Glorious come true step by step in the next annual business analysis meeting.