Run, GLORIOUS Season I – 2015 Autumn Sports Games of GLORIOUS INTERNATIONAL

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Run, GLORIOUS! It’s right! Do you feel to have met the theme before? Hey hey, the self-created theme is far less vivid than the “borrowing” theme, so we boldly used it. Of course, there are more reasons for selecting this theme, but I shall keep them a secret now and reveal the reasons later. Now, please follow me to view Season I of Run, GLOWRIOUS! The excitement is beyond description, and let’s recall the happy time through the slow-motion playback.

Run, GLORIOUS Season I opens!

With the impassioned and exciting Athletes Marche, 2015 Autumn Sports Game of GLORIOUS INTERNATIOAL opened. HR department organized the staff into five square teams and shouted the team name and slogans loudly. The scene brought us back to the opening ceremony of sports game during the school days and the leaders on the platform reminded me of the principal, dean of students…

Ah, someone is absent. General Feng was explaining the rules for tug-of-war. Fortunately, I have got the key word “lucky lot”, that is, one of the 5 teams would be the lucky team to get to the semi-final directly. Everyone seemed to be excited now, and focused on the acquisition of the lucky lot. Undoubtedly, the luckiest, elegant and pretty Chief Financial Officer Cat got the lucky lot and the team members cheered up…

Opening of Run, GLORIOUS Season I!


“Come on, come on…” the sound of cheers never stopped and it was the most pleasant sound during a tug-of-war because it was the voice of a team. The team members pooled the wisdom and effort of everyone and those who participated in the tug-of-war spared all efforts. Even the cheerleaders also screamed for cheers and were anxious to help. The game was finished with the team spirit of friendship first and competition second. At last, under the guidance of General Manager Lu Jingwen, the Auto Business Department won the game and Logistics Department ranked the second under the guidance of Director Zhao Ping. Everyone was immersed in happiness.

2. Rope skipping

The rope skipping sound arose beside the ears and 5 ropes formed a rope net and attracted a lot of people watching. With the rope skipping, the counting person had to count the feet. But, it was far from easy. People jumped the rope with various manners, some with one foot, while the other with double feet; some jumped the rope as if were running, some even performed the fancy rope skipping, and some were as light-footed as if there were a spring under their feet…I bet you all wondered about the champion and the first runner-up. They were Jiang Haizhen and Tong Yao from Hotel Business Department.

3. Sit-up

The sit-up that lasted for 2 minutes was one of the most difficult sports games. Both the manner and technique of sit-up should be considered, and then the action could be regarded as perfect. After several rounds of sit-up game, everybody was astonished that there were so many talents in GLORIOUS and no one was inferior. The male and female champions with the standard and perfect sit-up action were Dong Qi with 64 sit-ups in one minute from the Board Office and Zhang Jie with 62 sit-ups in one minute from Real Estate Business Department.

Hot Run GLORIOUS Season I!

1. Plank

Plank was the link with full of eye-catching points and laughing points in Run GLORIOUS Season I. During the game, the participants either made a face or acted cute. Their legs might tremble, but they would not give up making a face at the camera. Some even widened their eyes to their rivals, causing the leaders betting on the winner. The people watching were also anxious for their partners and prayed wordlessly “hold on, dude!” Ultimately, with the counting backwards “10, 9, 8…2, 1”, Zhang Jie from the Business Department won the champion undoubtedly and Meng Deyin from the Logistics Department ranked the second.

2. Shuttlecock kicking

I had to emphasize that shuttlecock kicking was an indeed activity suitable for both male and female. Why? Because the champion and the first runner-up of the shuttlecock kicking game were Wang Qiang from Logistics Department and Bao Hualei from Real Estate Business Department. Can you believe it that both of them were gentlemen? But their movement was so swift and they made the shuttlecock to fly upward and downward but never missed it. Their delicacy and flexibility really astonished the female colleagues watching around. The men’s capability in shuttlecock kicking should never be overlooked.

The mysterious guests in Run Glorious Season I!

Rope skipping of leaders group

This was truly the most eye-catching link. Due to the significant position of the participants, the game field was crowded with people. At this very moment, the glory of national fitness covered the whole Glorious building. Executive Director Gao took the leading role and participated in the game. Other leaders present also made a brilliant appearance. The laughter was mixed with the cheers and the distance between leaders and staff was “zero”. If you looked around, you would find that most people holding their mobile phones were taking pictures and recording a video for this memorable moment.

Mixed games in Run GLORIOUS Season I!

Mixed dribbling

The saying went that “when men and women work together, they will finish the work with high quality and high speed!” It was true. The men and women back-to-back to carry the ball on the racing track strived to move forwards and felt no pressure. The most competitive group even leaped at his/her side and run on the track as swift as a swallow. They were more performing a dance than competing in a carrying-ball race. It couldn’t be more appropriate to describe the scene as fabulous. Finally, under the guidance of General Manager Zhou Weiguo, the Hotel Business Department won the champion and Logistics Department ranked the second under the guidance of Director Zhao Ping.

Awards of Run, GLORIOUS Season I!

Award-giving meeting

Happy time flies. Run, GLORIOUS Season I came to the end and then came the award-giving meeting. At this moment, Athlete Marche was played again, and the award-winning teams and individuals completed the ceremony with excitement. Everyone was once again immersed in happiness.


Surprises also came with the ending of the sports games. The Company provided was very sweet to provide us with the consolation prize, which deeply touched all the participants. The famous French ideologist Voltaire once said that: “Life lies in movement”. Exercise brought us with health. As a result, in the ending ceremony, I wanted to say: Let’s exercise together. Run, Glorious!

We herein show gratitude to the organization and planning team of Run GLORIOUS Season I as well as all the participants. It was because all of you that Run GLORIOUS Season I had become a great success!

At last, we also show our sincere gratitude to the group company for the sponsor to Run GLORIOUS Season I and the communication platform. Through the activity, our team has been smelted and in the future work, we will strive together in good faith. Therefore, let’s look forward to the future Season II, III, IV…