Fighting so shocking 2019 ERL Press Conference held in Shanghai

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The 2019 Asian Racing E-Sports Masters (ERL) press conference was held on September 2 at Xihongqiao Innovation Industry Park, Qingpu District, Shanghai. The event is co-sponsored by Shanghai Xihongqiao Business Development Co., Ltd. and Glorious International; sponsored by Xtreme Motor Motorsports (XTREME) and Fengyao Media; guided by Shanghai Electronic Athletic Sports Association and Shanghai Qingpu District Sports Association; co-sponsored by Japan Electronic Athletic Association’s governing body V Holdings, Inc. and Korea Electronic Sports Association (KeSPA). Full power electronic racing racer to start the round dream tour. The contest is the first cross-border competition in China, bringing together top athletes from China, Japan and South Korea in an unprecedented event. It will be a new chapter in the history of China’s racing sports.

A grand opening

From the very beginning of this event, the event was supported by the Shanghai Electronic Sports Association and the Shanghai Qingpu District Sports Association, as well as the Xihongqiao Business Development Co., Ltd. and Glorious International. Shanghai Qingpu District Committee Standing Committee, United Front Minister Sun Ting, Shanghai Qingpu District Sports Bureau Deputy Director Du Min, Shanghai West Hongqiao Business Development Co., Ltd. Chairman Gu Lianyun, Shanghai Electronic Sports Association Vice Chairman Zhu Qinqin, Glorious International Chairman Zhao Hui, Slightly Mad Studios Chief Operating Officer Frank Veyder, Korea Electronic Sports Association (KeSPA) President Jin Rongwan, Smart Tech Group Chairman Naoyuki Maeda participated in the launch ceremony.

In addition, at the day of the event, Shanghai Qingpu District Deputy District Director Peng Yihao, Shanghai Qingpu District Federation of Industry and Commerce Party Group Secretary, District Committee United Front Minister Cao Jie, Shanghai Qingpu District Business Committee Director Tan Wei, Shanghai Qingpu District Economic Committee Director Zhu Yaowu, Shanghai Qingpu District Sports Bureau Chief Xu Xinzhong, Shanghai Qingpu District Xujing Town Party Committee Deputy Secretary Pan Xueming, Chi Chunyan, General Manager of Shanghai Xihongqiao Business Development Co., Ltd. and Ni Jin, Publicity Minister of Xujing Town, Qingpu District, Shanghai, attended the event. Also present at the press conference were the partners of the organizers and 33 media, nearly 100 domestic and foreign racing sports and electrical competition colleagues witnessed the glorious moment of the press conference of the Asian Racing E-Sports Masters.

As one of the organizers of the event, the XTREME Racing Club has been developing in the field of racing for over 10 years. It has the general agent in Greater China of the two major racing brands of Britain’s Radical and Austria’s KTM, and is responsible for brand promotion and event operation. At the same time, the group also has the dealer qualification of Lamborghini in Shanghai.

XTREME team will use the brand’s strong professional racing resources to provide more solid technical support for the event. The development of XTREME Racing Club from the physical racing competition under the line to the analog racing competition on the line also shows that the development of racing sports in China has been paid with more and more attention.

Professional competition system, profound bonus and welfare

It is reported that the ERL Asian Racing E-Sports Masters will start from September 15, after three rounds of re-election competition, and the offline final will be held in November in Shanghai ERL, at which time 8 Chinese, Japanese and Korean contenders will compete on the same stage. The winners will share a total prize of $60,000, and the winner of the finals will receive a driver’s license training course provided by XTREME Racing and a driver’s license issued by CAF.

The event uses the Racing Plan 2 and Pro Athletic project platform, which includes KTM and 5 models under the Radical Racing brand, while the Racing Plan developer Slightly Mad Studios (SMS) will provide professional technical support for the event to ensure the smooth running of the race.


Cooperate with well-known international game companies to create an internationalized electric competition

Kim Jung-wan, chairman of the KeSPA, Smart Tech Group, and Frank Veyder, chief operating officer of Slightly Mad Studios, and Zhao Ping, vice chairman of Glorious International Group, announced the establishment of the ERL Racing Athletic Strategic Cooperation Alliance at the event’s press conference, pushing the event to another climax.

XTREME, in partnership with international well-known game company Slightly Mad Studios (SMS) and Japan-Korea Sports Alliance, will jointly create an ecosystem of online training communities and racing e-sports education. XTREME brings more activities and better training experience to fans through close interaction with players through racing games. With the establishment of last year’s Glorious International Electric Sports Industrial Park, the 2018 KES Simulated Racing Electronic Sports Championship, sponsored by XTREME, was successfully held.

This year, XTREME hopes to further expand the scale of simulated racing events and host the International Electric Race (ERL) on the basis of last year’s rich experience. It is reported that this year’s ERL finals will be held in the newly-built electric sports venues of Glorious International. Due to the competitive nature of simulated racing events, players in the XTREME-nurtured ecosystem will have the opportunity to become real racers through online training and competition. It is also XTREME’s ultimate mission to host the analog electric racing car race.

Embracing the Future, Simulated Racers going to Reality

For a century-old racing sport, it is a great revolution to hug an electronic racing car! As a new kind of sports and cultural carrier, motor racing can’t only lower the threshold of participation, but also influence and promote the sport in a larger dimension. On the one hand, through the ERL competition and XTREME entity racing club’s extensive combination, simulates the racing car and the solid racing car’s deep fusion, can further enhance the industry ecology connection ability, more continuously consummates the personnel training system. On the other hand, the combination of on-line and off-line is also an important step to globalize China’s racing culture. For those who take part in the electric race, they hope to learn more about driving skills through racing games, or to use it as a cornerstone of traditional racing.

For sure, the opening ceremony of the Asian Racing E-Sports Masters will effectively promote the two-way integration and a win-win situation for Chinese racing and E-sports, and will be conducive to the healthy ecology and sustainable development of the whole E-sports and the racing industry. 2019 Asian Racing E-Sports Masters (ERL)

Competition enrolment channel

Opening on 15 September 2019:
Open the official website of XTREME(, find the registration entrance at the electronic competition sub-menu on the homepage, and join in our challenge