The Commencement of Pile Foundation Project of GLORIOUS·Jinghua Project

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Firecrackers sing in unison to build the GOLORIOUS Jinghua; people cheer in unison, to create GLORIOUS’S tomorrow!

On June 26, 2013, we held the commencement ceremony of the pile foundation project of the “GLORIOUS·Jinghua” Project with great excitement. This is a long-awaited day for every GLORIOUS person, and it is also a day for every GLORIOUS person to commemorate.

On the morning of the June 26, the weather favored us. Different from the rain and sultry in the past few days, the weather on that day was particularly refreshing and pleasant. Banners fluttered at the project site, as if cheering for the commencement of the project, and nearby residents came to watch this festive scene one after another.

With the clock pointing at 11:18, Mr. Zhao Hui, President of GLORIOUS INTERNATIONAL, accompanied by company employees and leaders of supervision, construction and other departments, pressed the start button of the pile machine, and at the same time the first project pile of the GLORIOUS·Jinghua Project was officially launched. Then the ceremony reached its climax. At this moment, the firecrackers sang in unison, fireworks radiated all around, and thunderous applause burst out, thus the activity was carried out in a warm and rich atmosphere. The carefully planned “GLORIOUS·Jinghua” Project finally officially started.

As the first project after the establishment of the GLORIOUS GROUP’s Real Estate Business Department, the “GLORIOUS·Jinghua” Project is a high-end villa project based on a French palace. The entire façade is made of the hanging natural stone, making the whole building luxurious. The project strives to create a high-end benchmarking project in Xujing area, thereby adding a piece of beautiful scenery to Xujing.